Monday, November 3, 2008

New Glass Bubble Pendants

I have been busy making some new pendants. I have some shows coming up soon and wanted some fun new designs. Some of them I went ahead and antique to grunge them up a bit. I think my favorite is the flaming heart. What do you think?


Christy said...

I just love these little pendants. So sweet and vintage looking!

kathy H said...

on the Glass Bubble pendants I also do the resin dominos and the glass pendants question is... do you stamp on the actual glass bubble or do you stamo the paper or use scrapbook paper ? and also do you put bails in behind your glass bubbles to hang? I have made alot but have not tried to put bails on them and I stamp on the back of the actual glass and then put white photo paper on the back with clear sealing glue ..thanks Kathy H

sandy said...

i love the heart, all of them are great but the heart speaks to me. it is the same design that i have on many of my "milagros" collection. Milagros means miracles and you have created just that!

Denise Moore said...

Thanks you so much for your sweet comment, that means so much to me. I love milagros too.
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