Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little pink house for you and me

I love that John Cougar Mellancamp song. When you go to the beach in South Carolina you pass some really cute pink houses. Here is my take on one for spring. I also did a blue one too to go with my grouping. The pink one has diamond dust on it to give it some sparkle. I have to keep it out of little ones reach since it is ground glass.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bunny Time

Here are some of the bunnies I have been working on recently. Rabbits are some of my favorite subject matter. Bugs Bunny was and still is my favorite cartoon character. I never missed Bugs on Saturday morning.
The first bunny is made from a combination of wood, polymer clay and paper mache. My favorite part of this one are the carrot feet, they are so big and silly looking. The next two are paper mache over an armature. The head is going to be added as is on top of a paper mache box. The bottom one is going to get legs and maybe also be added to the top of a box. He is pretty chubby so I am not sure I can find a box for him to stand on. They are so much fun to make. I love trying to figure out their quirky little features and letting some personality show. Well I better get back to work Easter will be here before I know it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flea Market Time

I got to go to the Lakewood flea market on Friday. My first stop is always Grosgrain Annies. The shop is just adorable. She has great antique pieces she displays her ribbons on and old dresses and hats as well. Kinda like going to the material store with your mom when you were a kid. She has every color of ribbon under the sun. I always buy a batch, then come back for a second bunch. This was very good for me to only buy 3 items. The aqua colored ribbon is hand dyed vintage silk. All of her colors are simply delicioius. Next time I go I will definetly bring my camera to take some photos of her great little store.
There are other great vendors there too. Patricia DiBona has a permanent space there as well. She is a very talented mixed media artist that teaches classes all over the country. She sells great collage sheets, ephemera and stamps. She has a website too that you should check out for some really unique items. I ran out of time before I got to the motherlode of vintage paper goods. I had no idea this man was set up in the farthest corner of the building and had the most wonderful old catelogs, magazines, letters,sheet music, vintage valentines..... I had to leave before I could get a good look at his stuff. Well next month I will be visiting him... second, after Grosgrain Annies of course.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am on PoppyTalk !

I am so excited to be part of the Spring Market at Poppytalk Handmade. If you have not heard of it you should definetly check it out. It is a curated virtual street market. The theme for this market is Spring/Easter. Jan has combed the net to find artists and designers with some of the most awesome items. To check it out go to www.poppytalkhandmade.blogspot.com
I made some of these new ornamental hangers to be featured in the market. I love the way the antiqued metal turned out with the vintage hand dyed ribbon. I also made some of these with a bird theme for my antique booth. I am hooked on these things. I have them all over the house hanging off my doors, bottles, and decorative hooks. Now go check out Poppytalk.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My friend Pammy T is on Etsy

My friend Pam has just uploaded items into her Etsy store for the first time. I am so proud of her. She has been working so hard on her art and charms and is finally making her debut on Etsy. These are some of her charms that are not yet uploaded. She has some of the cutest vintage valentine soldered charms you have ever seen. Those of you who have etsy store know how exciting it is when you first get your art out there. I hope you will all go check out her store and mark her as a favorite. Her store is www.pammyt.etsy.com

Flu Bug go away!

Wow the flue bug came to visit me this week and knocked me down. I hope this bug does not come to visit you. I am so glad to be able to even clean my house again. It put me way behind, but I am finally starting to catch up.
This photo does not go with my heading, I thought this would be more enjoyable to view.
Sorry for the short post but, I need to go sterilize my house so no one else gets the flu.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Working on the Sassy Booth

This is the antique mall where our new booth is located. We had to paint it and added a cute screen door to display our small stuff on. Here is a picture of Pam, one of my partners in the Sassy booth, working hard on getting everything painted. We were worried at first with having enough things to fill our booth. Well 7x7 is not big at all. We already want to expand into the booth next to ours that is soon to be vacated. I don't know if that is overly confident or a winning attitude. The weekend was very busy with customers, but we only sold 3 small things. That is okay we don't have our best stuff in there yet.
Here is a picture of Pam's adorable bird houses. She did a great job. She does not have an Etsy store yet, but she will! If your in Alpharetta stop by the Queen of Hearts and see the sassy booth!