Sunday, November 23, 2008

A cold day in Dixie

Wow, it was a cold day to be outside for a craft fair! There was a an option to move inside, but it was very crowded and I thought we were better off outside with more room to spread out. Well I think it was not ideal either way. We had an ok day, but met some great people. Thanks for all that stopped by to see us! We met some other great vendors as well. This bottom photo is Alisha of Alisha's Accents. She makes these absolutely gorgeous handbags. Her materials are rich and made with great attention to detail. She has an etsy store so you can get one for yourself. You can see how my friend Pam of pammyt on etsy is dressed that we had a frosty day. I came home and layed on the couch with a heating pad and blanket I was knocked out by 7:30.

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