Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Maddy Girl

This is my sweet girl Maddy. She is now ten years old and is having some real problems. It seems Labs are prone to hip dysplasia and she has started limping. This has come on rather suddenly, and I took her to the vet. The vet thinks that maybe she tore her ACL. I did not know these things could happen to dogs. She is going to an orthopedic vet to get diagnosed and see if she is a candidate for surgery. It breaks our hearts to see her hobbling around, and she still grabs her ball wanting to play. She has become my constant companion over the last ten years we are hoping they will be able to fix her up and have her back to her old self. Our fingers are crossed!


morningDove said...

I will keep you in prayer as we are going through the second ACL surgery, same knee. My doggie has an infection and fluid right now. NOt doing to good. He is only 6 yrs old. If I had it to do again I would have waited until my dog was older.

morningDove said...

what's the update on doggie surgery. Ours will be looking at #3 on same knee. Hope yours is a great success the very first time.
my dog's knee is out but he is walking on it right now. hubby could not bear to put him through #3 so soon since he is walking some.