Sunday, November 30, 2008

Domino Art Pendants

I had such a great time visiting with our family that live in North Carolina. We had lots of fun, great food and shopping. I always manage to sneak in a visit to the Enchanted Cottage in Lewisville, NC. The store has mega amounts of stamps and scrapbook items. I never can get out of there empty handed, this time I got a great damask stamp, inks and glitter. I was very happy with my little package. I went back to join the family and they decided they wanted to learn how to make domino pendants. Here is the picture of the pendants that were made that day. Didn't they do well. My youngest nieces ages 5, and 10 got into the act too. There were so sweet, wanting to make one for all of their friends. I brought all of them home with me to seal and drill. I love looking at them as a group, wouldn't this make a cool mosaic?
There are lots of ways to decorate your dominos these all used Tim Holtz alcohol inks in the Farmers Market colors, and the other was "Cottage Cabin" that had pretty browns. Then we just used regular black dye ink to stamp onto the backgrounds. We let them dry for 24hrs and then I sprayed fixative, then matte spray sealer on them. Now they are ready to string and wear. This is a great gift for pennies!

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Sarah said...

these look brilliant together, they would look fantastic in a shadow frame, thank you for the inspiration (now, what to do first, a load of stamped doms or a steampunk heart....? :))