Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resin pendants and rings

Here are some pics of the process I use when I am pouring resin in pendants or rings. First the papers are glued inside the pendant and are coated 3 to 4 times so the paper will be sealed and not become transparent when the resin is poured over it. I then layer any additional pieces that are going to be part of the pendant. For rings I have made this paper plate holder. It allows the shank of the ring to go below the surface and keep the dish of the ring level while the resin is curing. This is the best technique I have found. I mix my resin according to the product directions, then let cure overnight. I can't wait to see how the turned out in the morning. Got questions or comments? Just let me know.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Making some new jewelry

In my efforts to organize my studio I came to the realization that I have way to much of everything. I really need to get this stuff out, give it away, make jewelry etc. So here is some of my new pieces that will be available in my etsy shop. Anyone who comes from my blog and wants to purchase something will get free shipping. Just convo me before closing your cart! There's lots more so check it out. I also will be listing some of the excess of supplies I have at great prices.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Funky Little Cart

I am trying to get organized in my garage work space. To say it's a disaster is an understatement. So in my attempt to organize I bought two of these cute carts from Ikea. They had grey or this turquoise. I LOVE this turquoise color so happy and bright. I added some vinyl words with my silhouette and now it's too cute to use lol. Think of all the places one of these would come in handy, go get one now! (ps- the word paint is very crooked, got to fix it when I get my cast off of my foot. Couldn't get low enough to get it straight ugh).

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New upcycled furniture

This is a vanity that just got it's facelift. It was in pretty rough condition and mirror was not salvagable, so now it is a bench. We love the way it turned out. Mary painted it in a beautiful neutral and gave it a good distressing. Then she made a nce cushion that she covered in a vintage style fabric. Great job Mary!! This is the desk Mary just finished as well. (Wow she has been busy) It is so cute, we should have taken a before pic so you can really appreciate the transformation. The booth has now been refilled and not looking so barren. If you are in the Atlanta Ga area come by and see us at the Queen of Hearts Alpharetta! I am so appreciative of my friend Mary. I have been recuperating from foot surgery since early December and have been able to nothing. She has been a true friend in need, I can't thank her or God enough for her! What are you working on during this lousy winter weather??