Friday, November 7, 2008

Art Pendants

I have been so busy making art and jewelry for shows and my etsy shop, but rarely make one for myself. Here are the two I am now sporting around town. The first is photo of me on back of an initial pendant. My older sister stuck my in a photo booth and by the fourth one I figured out how to smile. I put one of my always/lucky stick words with it b/c this is how I feel about my life. Lucky or really blessed to have my awesome family, and friends. It serves as a good reminder to me to count my blessings.
The second pendant is of a collage/painting I did awhile back. I loved how this turned out. Light and whimsicle so I decided to shrink it down for wearable art. I am now offering this in my etsy shop. Do you have a favorite work or art, atc that you think would make a great pendant or ornament? Just send me the jpg and I will seal it under glass for you to wear or give with pride. This would also be fun with your child's artwork. My son did a drawing that I am especially fond of that will be added to my always lucky necklace.
Enjoy and as they say in the south "Happy fall y'all"

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