Monday, October 3, 2016

Soldered Pendants

Here are some of the latest pendants I have created. Here are some of the necklaces that I made with them. Many are available now in my etsy shop or see them first on my instagram Sassyandstash.
What have you been creating lately?

Friday, September 2, 2016

I have been busy soldering

I have been gearing up for fall which is by far the busiest for a jewelry seller. I have been gathering great beads and large stones like these.
I have been soldering too, look at some of the new pendants I created this week. I love looking at them all together.
Here is a necklace I created and just added to my etsy store I used the blue Howelite cross as a focal on this one.
Thanks for stopping by! Denise

Friday, August 26, 2016

New at Sassy and Stash Booth

Here are some more pics of what we currently have in our booth at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta.
These mirrors have been really hot. They make a great addition to most every style of decor, especially the farmhouse look made so popular by the HGTV show Fixer Upper.
This peg shelf was picked in the North Georgia Mountains. This pic does not do it justice. The wood is worn and grooved with so much history. I can envision in a log cabin long ago.
Finally, this eterge is my favorite. It would be great as a center piece with ball jars and flowers, in a bathroom with soaps and towels, or filled with cupcakes for a celebration. Love this! I have seen this particular one on Fixer Upper a couple of times. You can find it right here in our booth you don't have to go all the way to Waco Texas! Thanks for stopping by! Denise

Monday, August 22, 2016

Using Stencils with the Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer

I promised on my last post that I would show you my experiments using my new Wagner Home Decor paint sprayer with stencils. I created these two memo boards!
What do you think? The paint sprayer made this project so fast. I have a ton of stencils, and have avoided using them because it was a slow laborious job. I did 5 separate stenciled motifs in about 15 minutes.
I am thinking about doing a tutorial on how to create these memo boards, would anyone be interested?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Look what I sprayed with my new Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer

Here is the before pic of the side table I sprayed.
This was a gorgeous Henrendon Fine Living end table. Unfortunately, it had a significant scratch on top. No worries a little paint and wax and good as new or even better. I LOVE this Wagner paint sprayer. It is geared to the home crafter that will be using all types of paints, including chalk paint. I bought it at Home Depot. They now have a small section in the paint department geared to crafters. They have two lines of chalk paint, unfinished wood for projects, stencils etc. I bought the Rustoleum brand called "Chalked." The color of this table is Country Gray. I will be using this on several pieces. Here is a bookcase I picked up at the Goodwill. It is MDF with the "wood grain" vaneer we see so often at Walmart etc. I think the Rustoleum Chalked in Serenity Blue looks great on it. I am super happy with the outcome on this one. The other really cool thing about the paint sprayer is there are no brush strokes to worry about. The dried paint is relatively smooth, I am still experimenting with the dilution and amount of product I am spraying onto the piece.
Next up I am going to use it with stencils. Check back for my results! Would love to hear what you think of my latest projects.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Antique Booth Update

Mary and I have been working hard to redo our booth, Sassy and Stash, at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta. We have new jewelry, some great picked antiques and lots of sweet home accessories.
Inside this awesome picked lobster cage we have some new sweet burlap pillows.
The center medallion is a reproduction, but isn't amazing. We have some others that are different sized and shapes. These would make an amazing collage wall.
Of course there is always new jewelry. Long or short we have some great necklaces for you or a girlfriend's gift. Stay tuned more pics to come! Thanks for stopping by! Denise

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What would you do?

My favorite local thrift store has these coolers that look like the ones you see in convenience stores. I think one on the deck would be great. It has wheels so it could be wheeled away for storage when done. It also has a handy drain tube on the back to easily empty out the water at the end of the party. So my problem is that it is really ugly to me in it's current state. What would you do to make it cute????
You could paint over the label with chalk paint, or tear off the logo. I just can't figure out to transform it. Let me know what you would do all of you creative people please! Thanks Denise

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Salt Wash Painting

I have been looking for some new paint or techniques to get motivated to paint some furniture. One of the products I found is Salt Wash. It is an additive that can go into ANY paint to get a sun/ sea side worn look.
This is how it turned out. I went pretty aggressive with the distressing, but hey it was supposed to have a "worn look." I love it!
I started with a thrift store coffee table that was really beaten up on top. This made the perfect piece to try this technique on since the heavy texture will hide imperfections. Sorry forgot to snap the ugly before picture. I added the powdered Salt Wash product to my can of white chalk paint. I followed the manufacturers instructions and got it to a stiff cake batter consistency. I then covered the table in a almost pouncing motion causing peaks to form.
You can see the texture it created in this close up picture. As the paint gets to the half way dry point, I took my brush and swept back and forth knocking down the peaks a bit for a more smoothed out look. I then did a top coat in a Waverly Chalk paint called Agave. I thought it was a nice beachy aqua.
You can see I did not go for full coverage as I wanted my base color to show in spots. I then took my obital sander to the table and showed no mercy. This was a very aggressive approach. The next project I think will be using the mouse sander to distress as it is much more subtle looking. Honestly, this sander scares me a bit too, it's pretty powerful and if I don't have my full concentration when using it, I can see me hurting myself.
I went crazy with the sander, but it revealed the undercoat and the dark brown wood which I think made it much more interesting.
It was a fun product to play with and I found lots of other inspiration online using the product. They do have great videos made by the people who created the product. You can find them on Youtube. What do you think? Are you going to try Salt Wash?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Busy Creating new jewelry

Our family has lived in the same home for the last nineteen years. My husband and I decided we were ready to finally move to our dream home. That is a lot of years to collect stuff. I was on a bit of a creative hiatus until we completed the move. Now though I am creating again. So happy to be back in my studio. Unfortunately my studio is not totally organized, but I will save that for another day! Here is what I have made this week. Thanks for checking it out. I would love your feedback. You can see more of my creations at Stone stacking bracelets. Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Restoration Hardware Inspiration

I love these two wall displays. (please ignore the the shot of me in the mirror) I love the symmetry, and the simplicity. I think this could be replicated so easily with cheap frames from Hobby Lobby or Micheals. These particular frames held pressed flowers and greenery laid on top of linen looking fabric. I think this would be easy to do as well. I think variations of maybe feathers would be cool too. What do you think? Any other ideas? I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back to Creating

I recently moved to a new house. I had to pack up my studio (no small feat) and am now just starting to set up my new studio. I am so excited to have a larger space to work in I hope it helps my creativity flow. Here are some new necklaces I just added to my etsy and some went to my booth at Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. Let me know what you think.
I call this necklace Summer Loving. I had that song stuck in my head from Grease when I created it! It has the most beautiful pale green rosary chain, I just love that chain.
This necklace did not get a name ha ha. I guess I was watching Netflix at the time. Love the cross on the crystal, kinda has a rocker girl vibe to me.
Here they are all layered together on my mannequin I made. I love creating jewelry it is my favorite creative outlet!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sassy and Stash Booth at Queen of Hearts

It's been awhile since I have shared any pictures of my booth at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta. We are in full swing for Spring. It was Spring Fling last weekend so that get's all of the dealers to bring in their best for Easter, and garden decor. We have a bunch of bunnies that are perfect for in the house or out on your stoop. We've also been very busy making new jewelry. Mary has been making the sweetest small scale necklaces. They start at $8.00 what a great idea for someone's Easter basket. I have been making more of these long semi-precious stone necklaces. Either way we have something for everyone's taste and at great prices.
Hope to see you at the Queen!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm a wanna be Vegetarian

I really feel that being a vegetarian would be really good for me. I am having more meals meatless than ever. Here is one of my new favorite lunches. No recipes here folks just some great tasting stuff.
I am loving these Morning Star Chipolte Black Bean Burgers! Then my challenge is to dress it up with really yummy condiments.
I am trying this Guacamole Salsa on it too. Wow it has some good kick to it.
I know, I'm no food blogger for sure with the qualities of these photos. But what do you think would you give the Morning Star Black Bean Burgers a try? If you already love these I would love to hear how you dress your burgers. Bon Appetit!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Help Hanging Wall Art

I found this wonderful blog post on "The How To of Decorating" by Ballard Designs. Ballard Designs happens to be one of my favorite sources for home decor and inspiration. I love how this post gives some "rules" for how to choose your artwork and how to group it so it looks appropriately sized etc. It's a great resource. Check it out here.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Great Upcycled Entertainment Center

I found this photo on Kingman County Recycling Program. Isn't it a great upcycle of an old entertainment center? I love it. It could be used for older kids too with shelves for books below or baskets for toys. Great job!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Super Simple Shiplap

I have a friend who I decided is a genius. She is making a shiplap wall out of Luan plywood(super thin 1/4"). She is buying the Luan in 4x8 sheets and having it ripped down into 6" wide strips. Why is this genius. Well it's affordable around $12.00 for a 4x8 sheet. It's lightweight so it would be easy to hang with just small brads. I asked her how she got her lines so straight when cutting the plywood. I know for myself this is not my strong suit. However, she said she got them to do the rip cuts for her at the store. They did not even charge her for all of those cuts! I don't think this is the norm for most stores. They are just too busy to do this many cuts without charging for them. So if you still want to try this method I found this great tool that I am going to be purchasing myself. It's the Kreg Jig Rip Cut. It gives you a guide to get perfectly straight cuts everytime. Check out the video with the step by step instructions here. I will get some pictures for you soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Farmhouse Style

My husband and I have our home on the market and are searching for a new home. We probably will end up in a resale, but the new construction near us is so beautiful. They have some great farmhouse details. My question is would you go for something that could become trendy looking down the road? They have shiplap, wood in the trays, and really stripped down style.
Love the trim and how they painted out everything the same color of trim paint in this dining room.
What do you think about the kitchen? Love it or not your style?
The Master Bathroom was gorgeous. My favorite feature was the flooring. It looked like marble done in these extra long strips making a herringbone design. Love it!
I know no matter where we end up, I am going to use some of these ideas in my new home!

Friday, January 29, 2016

The best $2.50 you can spend!

Ok $2.50 is not big money, but this little item can save you tons!
I have now saved myself several hundred dollars I believe by using this little "drain zip." I have a 20 year old home and clogged drains happen. Yesterday our shower was not draining, and was starting to trigger a bigger problem of the shower possibly over flowing the shower floor. No problem, and definetly not calling a plumber. I unscrewed the metal drain cover and saw the nasty accumulation of muck. Now this part is nasty, but part of the fix. I took my drain zip and repeatedly put it up and out of the drain, snagging all of the nasty stuff clogging the drain. I was done in less than 3 minutes , no plumber and no harsh chemicals. I put the drain cap back on and today my husband commented on the drain was flowing great. Also works great on the bathroom sinks! So next time you're in Home Depot pick up your drain zip or here on