Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Domino Tutorial Finally

"1 Quart Everfix Epoxy Resin 100643"
Here is it finally. I am sorry I took so long to get this done. If I need to clarify anything just email me your questions.

Domino Tutorial

Materials-dominoes, background papers, focal image, white glue, packing tape, 2 part epoxy resin ( I used Little Windows brand), flat back Swarovski crystals, E-6000 glue, flat backed bails, diamond glaze adhesive/sealer,
Bird images ( I used some from Lisa’s altered art) her link is

Process- Glue background paper to flat side of domino with
Diamond Glaze, then trim away excess paper. Next, the focal image needs to be sealed by either sandwiching the image between two pieces of packing tape, or brushing white glue over the front, back and sides of the image. If sealed with tape, be sure to run white glue around the edges after the excess tape has been trimmed away. This step is necessary to keep the image from becoming transparent when the resin comes into contact with it. The image can now be glued down to the domino using the Diamond Glaze. Burnish down with your finger to make sure there are no ripples. You can now add further embellishments. I use Diamond Glaze to adhere the flat crystals and watch gears. Allow the glue to dry.

After preparing several dominoes mix your epoxy resin according to the manufacturers directions. Place domino on a non-stick surface such as a craft sheet or waxed paper. Slowly pour the epoxy resin down the center of the domino, then take your stir stick and gently push the resin out to the edges of the domino without running over the edges. Continue until all of the dominoes have been covered with the resin. Place a domed cover over the dominoes to protect from dust. In twelve hours dominoes will cure. To make the domino into a pendant a flat backed bail can now be glued onto the back of the domino with E-6000 glue. Allow the glue to cure for 48hrs for the best bond. If preferred a hole can be drilled into the top of the domino and a cord can be strung through.

Epoxy resin info

For these dominoes I used Little Windows resin. I found it to be very easy to use and had no perceivable odor. I never had a batch not cure or any trouble at all. I have tried other brands and did have some that did not cure correctly. It can be found here

Now with all of that being said, if you do end up purchasing from Little Windows there is a referral program there that allows you to put the name of the person of sent you there and then they give a web credit. I would appreciate it that you tell her Denise Moore sent you. I don’t think I will ever get tired of playing around with it.

Look here to see more pictures of these dominoes from an older post.

Please email me if you need more info.


gale said...

Denise...Thank you for the tutorial. I have to get some of the resin that you suggested and will get with the program. I went back several blog days and found the example of a domino that you did. So Pretty!


Awesome tutorial! Now we can all make some :D You should teach a class or organize a swap :) What fun that would be... I know time is a factor this time of year though :)) but maybe in a few months :D

Martha Rose said...

Exciting technique and a new way to play with my dominoes. Special thanks for your review of materials to use. All your work is lovely.
-Martha Rose, LatestTrendsMixedMedia list

peggy gatto said...

Thanks for this, I think I may be able to try one!
I am really new at jewelry making and would love to try!

LisaC said...

These look GREAT! I'm going to have to play with resin one of these days...

Mary Lynn said...

Thank you for the tut Denise, and I am going to try this myself. I love the effect that the resin adds to the piece also. I am really sorry about your dog. It is so sad when we loose the ones that give us undying love and devotion. I too have lost a pet, and people that are not pet lovers have no idea of the bond that forms between the two of you. Hugs to you.

Linda Greiss said...


Thank you for the tutorial! I think a swap sometime in the new year is a great idea too! I live in the Atlanta area too! Would love to meet you!

from Latest Trends

crafting said...

Does the sides of the domino also has resin? If not, how do you keep the resin from flowing to the sides?

Funky Time Art said...

The resin is not on the sides of the domino. When you pour the resin I go very slowly and use a popcicle type stick to push it to the edge. The resin has surface tension (like a rain drop that holds it's round shape)it will not go over the edge unless you pour too much and too quickly. It is doming resin. Make sense?

Paula Hardesty said...

it looks like the birds are see thru. transparent. Is this a transfer?

Funky Time Art said...

No the birds are not a transparancy. This will happen to the paper unless you seal it first with glue. Coat the paper with Elmer's type glue including the edges. Do this 2-3 times if you do not want the paper to become transparent.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the actual dominoes from the game?

Funky Time Art said...

Yes the dominoes from the game. They are a perfect size for a pendant, and and ha completely blank back side to them.

Anonymous said...

are the sides coated with resin? and where do you get the background papers? I tried with regular printed paper but it becomes too transparent.

kandace ellis said...

Love these, getting my first order soon, if I'd seen this post prior to ordering I would of given u the credit :(
now my question...what do you do to finish the back/front of the dominos? Do u leave the playing dots on or cover them? Do you have a YouTube channel?

Thanks so much, beautiful work and you've given me inspiration. I've made dominos using alcohol inks but this will be my first resin piece.
Thanks for the help

Denise Moore said...

The heavier the paper the less problems you will have with transparency. You must coat very well with white glue to seal all the edges. I do it at least two times.

I paint the backs of the dominoes with metallic Lumiere paints, or sometimes leave them plain. People love turning them over and seeing that it is a domino.

cathy said...

Personally, I love the transparent look! Great job with these pendants ... glad I found this post :)

Denise Moore said...

Thanks Cathy! Glad you stopped by my blog.