Monday, February 29, 2016

Super Simple Shiplap

I have a friend who I decided is a genius. She is making a shiplap wall out of Luan plywood(super thin 1/4"). She is buying the Luan in 4x8 sheets and having it ripped down into 6" wide strips. Why is this genius. Well it's affordable around $12.00 for a 4x8 sheet. It's lightweight so it would be easy to hang with just small brads. I asked her how she got her lines so straight when cutting the plywood. I know for myself this is not my strong suit. However, she said she got them to do the rip cuts for her at the store. They did not even charge her for all of those cuts! I don't think this is the norm for most stores. They are just too busy to do this many cuts without charging for them. So if you still want to try this method I found this great tool that I am going to be purchasing myself. It's the Kreg Jig Rip Cut. It gives you a guide to get perfectly straight cuts everytime. Check out the video with the step by step instructions here. I will get some pictures for you soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Farmhouse Style

My husband and I have our home on the market and are searching for a new home. We probably will end up in a resale, but the new construction near us is so beautiful. They have some great farmhouse details. My question is would you go for something that could become trendy looking down the road? They have shiplap, wood in the trays, and really stripped down style.
Love the trim and how they painted out everything the same color of trim paint in this dining room.
What do you think about the kitchen? Love it or not your style?
The Master Bathroom was gorgeous. My favorite feature was the flooring. It looked like marble done in these extra long strips making a herringbone design. Love it!
I know no matter where we end up, I am going to use some of these ideas in my new home!