Friday, January 29, 2016

The best $2.50 you can spend!

Ok $2.50 is not big money, but this little item can save you tons!
I have now saved myself several hundred dollars I believe by using this little "drain zip." I have a 20 year old home and clogged drains happen. Yesterday our shower was not draining, and was starting to trigger a bigger problem of the shower possibly over flowing the shower floor. No problem, and definetly not calling a plumber. I unscrewed the metal drain cover and saw the nasty accumulation of muck. Now this part is nasty, but part of the fix. I took my drain zip and repeatedly put it up and out of the drain, snagging all of the nasty stuff clogging the drain. I was done in less than 3 minutes , no plumber and no harsh chemicals. I put the drain cap back on and today my husband commented on the drain was flowing great. Also works great on the bathroom sinks! So next time you're in Home Depot pick up your drain zip or here on

Monday, January 25, 2016

Restoration Hardware Atlanta

Today I went to the Restoration Hardware Design Center in Atlanta. I was looking to get inspired to redo our Master Bedroom. Well, I did get inspired for sure. The place s beautiful. When you drive up in back of the store they have an estate garden display complete with water feature and burning fire place.
Inside I found room after room of inspiration. I took plenty of pics, so I could go back and get re-inspired, as needed. This room looked like a place I could stay all day, loved it all.
And I did find bedrooms with plenty of inspiration. Which do you like best, the wooden beds, or the upholstered? I am having such a hard time deciding on a style!
I love the mirrors they used on either side of the bed in this gallery. It gave the room height and such big presence. I love it! I am hoping to replicate some of these looks with itmes I have around the house. I will keep you posted on my redo!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Woodburning Video

I found this great video on Youtube by ClaCali, showing how to do wood burning on a cutting board. Looks pretty straightforward. Check it out and then get your 40% off coupon and go to Micheal's for a woodburning tool. Check it out here.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to add fabric to a bookshelf

I decided this little bookshelf I chalk painted needed an extra something to give it a little punch. I decided to add some burlap to the back of each shelf. To do this I first measured the rectangular space at the back of each shelf. I then measured out the exact size in foam core board.
Since I knew I was using burlap as my fabric I went ahead and painted each of the pieces with brown acrylic paint. Why do that? The open weave of the burlap shows the white background if you don't and it looks BAD! Very much a rookie mistake. Won't do that again.
I wrapped the fabric around each of the foam core pieces and hot glued it to the back making sure it was straight and smooth. Finally, I placed each of the foam core pieces into the back of the cabinet and nailed upholstery tacks into each corner for a bit more "pizzaz."
Love the way it turned out, and now it is offered in my booth at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Have you heard of Ebates?

I thought this might be too good to be true, but last year I signed up with and got around $50.00 back after Christmas. How it works is you go to their site first and see if the store you are shopping with has an offer with ebates. For me it was Harry and David I was looking to shop with. I went off of the link from Ebates to their website, shopped for a ton of gifts (they shipped for me)and got a percentage of my bill paid back to me. It's not just Harry and David, they have links to Macy's, Amazon, Aeropostal, and more. Last night I found a headboard on I made sure I went to Ebates first to shop off of their link. I purchased my headboard last night and got an email from Ebates saying I earned $4.96 back from Overstock. So if you are going to shop online why not sign up with Ebates and earn a bit of what you're spending back. Here is a link to the site Ebates Coupons and Cash Back If you get friends to sign up off of your referral you get $25.00 a friend up to $75.00. I know you have friends who like to shop online. Let them in on the savings too!