Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chalk paint in the Garden?

Sure why not? My last post was about painting your lightweight pots. Today I added a picture of a table we got at an auction. I was so excited about this table during the auction. The only problem I found when I got up close to it (after the purchase) is it had a bad mosaic top. It was very ugly and somewhat damaged. Hmmmm what to do?? Pull out the chalk paint of course. We took away the ugly motif and now it is a great pop of color. Perfect for a covered porch or room where you want a pop of color It was given a clear wax finish for longevity.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chalk paint your planters!

I have a pretty good collection of these lightweight planters that I have purchased over the years. The problem is over time they get pretty shabby (not the good kind of shabby) looking. I decided to mix up a custom batch of chalk paint from my collection of latex paint and redid both of these pots. I couldn't be happier. They now match each other in color and look brand new for zero dollars! When they dried a gave them both a quick coating of clear wax, then went in with some brown wax to show off some of the highlights of the pot. Now I am even buying these at thrift and garage sales and getting them even cheaper, and they will be painted to match the rest of my newly painted planters.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stash and Sassy booth updates

We have been busy reworking both of our booths at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta. Here are some pictures from some of the updates this week. The hobnail jars are really hot right now, so we doubt this display will stay for long. We have gotten some great risers too made from reclaimed wood, they are awesome to put on the island or table. I have been making these little frames with chicken wire to hold jewelry, coupons, memos etc. We have so many projects in the cue, will update as we get them finished.