Thursday, November 20, 2008

Embellish it!

Somebody stop me! Once I get going on these little canvases I can't stop. They are so much fun given there is not too much white space to work with. I think it's less pressure for me. The fun starts with the embellishing for me. The camera doesn't pick up all of the detail, but the bird canvas has buttons, rhinestones big and small, twill tape and ribbon. I had to take it out of my studio otherwise it would have a couple more doodads added to to it.


mary schweitzer said...

I love little canvases too! And these are adorable!
Hope you have a wonderful time at the craft show.

Kim said...

Yep you're right , it was perfect as-is , *s*. I haven't used a canvas in forever , but I think you inspired me to dig a few out. . .
Stay warm(er) , & ttys!

Sarah said...

these are incredibly cute