Sunday, December 15, 2013

Galvanized Storage Ottoman

I recently made this ottoman out of a old galvanized tub. It was really pretty easy to do with just a couple of common tools and materials. First I put the tub upside down on a piece of plywood and traced the circular opening. I suggest you at an inch to this circumference so it adequately covers the opening. Next I screwed another piece of plywood about 8 inches wide to intersect the center of the wood. I traced the curved edge of the round piece on this wood and cut away the excess with my jig saw. I did this to the plywood cushion base would not slide off of the tub. You can see how it looks below. Next I cut a piece of 3 inch high density foam to fit the round piece of plywood. You can get this at you local Joanne's or fabric store. This then was wrapped with a sheet of cotton batting and stapled onto the bottom of the plywood. Finally I cut the fabric in a large circle and stapled it to to the bottom of the plywood working to pleat and tuck the fabric as I went around the circular edge. I put my lid down and the extra piece of plywood I screwed onto the larger piece made it fit nice and snug with no sliding around. It is a now a fun piece furniture with a little spot to store my magazines.

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