Friday, January 29, 2016

The best $2.50 you can spend!

Ok $2.50 is not big money, but this little item can save you tons!
I have now saved myself several hundred dollars I believe by using this little "drain zip." I have a 20 year old home and clogged drains happen. Yesterday our shower was not draining, and was starting to trigger a bigger problem of the shower possibly over flowing the shower floor. No problem, and definetly not calling a plumber. I unscrewed the metal drain cover and saw the nasty accumulation of muck. Now this part is nasty, but part of the fix. I took my drain zip and repeatedly put it up and out of the drain, snagging all of the nasty stuff clogging the drain. I was done in less than 3 minutes , no plumber and no harsh chemicals. I put the drain cap back on and today my husband commented on the drain was flowing great. Also works great on the bathroom sinks! So next time you're in Home Depot pick up your drain zip or here on


Nicole Q-Schmitz said...

Wow, I never knew these things existed! Last time our shower drain clogged, I was able to pull most of the gunk up with my fingers, but I have used chopsticks in the past to reach down into sinks!

Denise Moore said...

Nicole go get one! You will be shocked how great it works.

Traci Romero said...

What a brilliant idea! I constantly get clogged drains and buy endless amounts of unblocking fluid that costs every time you buy it. With your nifty device, I won't need to fork out each time and it's kinder to the environment. I shall now go online to find out how I can order one of these where I live.

Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing

Wilfred Andrews said...

I pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain regularly to clear it. Can I tell you? Every homeowner should have one of these. They save you so much money. Having a clogged drain is one of the worst things that can happen to any chef. If you have never been through it, you don't know what it's like. That little tool works wonders.

Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating