Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to add fabric to a bookshelf

I decided this little bookshelf I chalk painted needed an extra something to give it a little punch. I decided to add some burlap to the back of each shelf. To do this I first measured the rectangular space at the back of each shelf. I then measured out the exact size in foam core board.
Since I knew I was using burlap as my fabric I went ahead and painted each of the pieces with brown acrylic paint. Why do that? The open weave of the burlap shows the white background if you don't and it looks BAD! Very much a rookie mistake. Won't do that again.
I wrapped the fabric around each of the foam core pieces and hot glued it to the back making sure it was straight and smooth. Finally, I placed each of the foam core pieces into the back of the cabinet and nailed upholstery tacks into each corner for a bit more "pizzaz."
Love the way it turned out, and now it is offered in my booth at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta!

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