Friday, April 4, 2008

Goodies from Ebay

I just received a package that I won on Ebay. It contains 3 ledger books from 1884 thru 1905. I am so excited they are just awesome. The first one was made with a canvas type cover, the second one is huge and gorgeous with a leather tooled cover and finally the third little one is made with a paper type cover and is very worn. It is the real treasure though. The hand writting is all done with pen so it is the gorgeous script I was hoping it would be. Signatures just don't look that beautiful anymore. It is so interesting to see the cost of things too, and what they bought. I feel like I am stepping back in time with each of the pages I turn. Love them!


Kim said...

Oh Denise , what a score - I'm smiling right now thinking what a happy camper you must be , lol. Congratulations!

Loudlife said...

Ooh, Denise! You hit the jackpot with those! Don't you feel rich???

Thanks for coming by and the nice compliments! I haven't been by in a while - well, I haven't been by anybody's blog in a while! Ever have those times when it's all you can do to keep up?

I love the Visions of Paris necklace - it's fabulous!

Thanks for the Autism Awareness month plug. I have to do another one myself, soon. I don't think I knew you were an SLP (did I?)! My girl is a participant in a study at the U of WA and she sees an SLP quarterly for evaluation, plus she gets speech therapy at school. It's done wonders! Plus I think there's some relationship between her speech and the other progress she's been making. It's so nice to be able to understand her and for her to be able to ask for what she wants. Of course she's learned to argue with Mommy, too... :-D