Sunday, April 20, 2008

Digital Collages

I am so behind with learning to use digital editing software. I wish there were a simple upgrade I could do to myself so that I could use this software with ease. I have so much trouble using Adobe, it just doesn't flow for me. I have a son that it is second nature for, but me no way. If you love digital collage you should check out Rebecca is a very talented artist, as well as digital artist. She also has free images on her site for the taking. I love to see what she has been up to for Illustration Friday. She always has something to inspire, you really should check it out.


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said... your blog. Pls stop by next month at Lakewood & introduce yourself. We so love that you put us on your site. Of course we'll return the favor.

rebecca woodward said...

Oh Denise, how sweet of you to write those nice things about me...
Did you know I am a big fan of your art? I love your charms and went *especially* gawgaw over the Paris theme necklace! You go girl!
PS: I took a photoshop class at the college last year and now I can't go a day without creating something digital. What's wrong with me?