Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November Shrine Challenge

This is my shrine I completed for the November shrine challenge at The Latest Trends in Mixed Media yahoo group. It was started after my mom passed away and kinda became my therapy. It repeats the word "hope" three different times. I think was subliminal, didn't even realize I did that. Then it also has a bird theme as well, it being nestlike with the egg etc. I kinda became obsessed with birds and bird motifs after my moms funeral. At my mom's funeral there was a beautiful flower arrangement from my two good girlfriends back at home. The arrangement had the sweetest bird's nest tucked in and had this poem in it, "This nest may be empty, But I've not flown far away. I am part of your memory Where I will always stay." I was so touched by the poem and called my friend to tell her thank you and how the poem touched me. She was taking care of my dog while we were away at the funeral and she said she had no idea the poem and nest were part of the flower arrangement, but was glad I liked it so well. The next day when I spoke to her she said, "You are never going to believe this, but when I came into your kitchen today there was a little bird sitting on your kitchen table." It scared the heck out of her to say the least and then after she let the dog outside because she was going crazy she came back into the kitchen and it was gone. True story. I have no explanation for it. I have a chimney, but it has a cap on it. We know of no way for a bird to get into our home. It had never happened before. Anyone have a similar experience?


Goldbettyboop said...

Thanks for sharing your shrine. I went up to London for the funeral of Princess Diana and as her funeral cortege came out of Hyde Park I looked up because there were 2 geese directly above and they followed the procession all the way down to the Mall - I believe it was Diana and Dodi looking at all the people there for her....xxx

May you enjoy the memories of your mum, she will be forever in your heart I know...God Bless

Alphaneenee said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your experience. I just can't imagine what it must have been like to be there. It is great that you were so observant to see the geese and how they were part of the procession. Thanks again! Denise

Loudlife said...

This is comment #2, I was in the middle of it and somehow it went away! I'll try to be shorter this time.
First, your blog is looking great!

2nd, my friend's mom had a similar experience. The day her husband died (my friend's dad) she walked out of the hospital and a hummingbird flew right up to her and hovered by her head! This was in the middle of the city in front of a concrete building with only evergreen plantings. When she got home, she had one fly right into the house! She began having regular hummingbird visits to her yard and, when she moved to Arizona - more hummingbirds. In fact her neighbors are astounded at the number of hummingbirds she gets in her yard, far more than they get. She is convinced that her husband watches over her in the form of a hummingbird.

The world is a mysterious place...