Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My newest treasure

Here is a picture of my latest find at the antique mall. It is a scrapbook from the Columbian Expositon, the Chicago World's Fair 1893! Okay I did not know what the Columbian Expo was at first, and I came home and Googled it. I flipped through it and found a little hand written note from mother to daughter. The scrapbook was given as a Christmas gift on 12/25/1893. It is so sweet. The book is filled with gorgeous images that are still so crisp in color. It is not in great condition and I probably paid way to much for it. I don't care though I love it. I am going to use some of the Christmas images on ornaments in my etsy store. Blogger won't let me upload anymore photos now so I will have to post more later.

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