Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Transfer Technique

I had the opportunity to attend a demo by the talented Barbara McGuire. She did this transfer onto polymer clay. Barbara is an extremely talented and knowledgable teacher. She has several great books on the market that I would encourage you to look for if polymer clay interests you at all. The technique was so simple I can't believe it works so well. First I made a copy of this vintage post card at Staples on their toner copier. Second, I conditioned white Premo polymer clay and rolled it out into a smooth long sheet. Third, I put my copy face down onto the clay and burnished it with a bone folder, and used my tissue blade to cut out the shape. Fourth, I lightly sprayed the back of the clay and used my finger to rub the paper off and repeated this step until all of the paper was removed. Look how vibrant the colors turned out! I then placed the polymer clay into the oven following the manufacturer's instructions. This is the final product, I think I will incorporate it into a polymer clay pendant. There are alot of options for using these. Now go get creating!


Inka said...

Great job! I just love it. What did you spray the back with before you roll the paper off? I have heard that you use Gin and Vodka but I have not tried it yet.

Alphaneenee said...

Inka, I just used water and drank the gin! Kidding!!