Monday, February 4, 2013

Creative Jewelry Storage

Have you ever opened your jewelry box to a big rats nest of jewelry. The kind that will take hours to untangle. I always swear I am not going to just through things back in my jewelry drawer, but I do. So I was looking for some creative and stylish ways to store my jewelry and here is what I found on pinterest.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

This three tiered tray is awesome would be great for bracelets. Also there is a little stand with a pole on it that bracelets are stacked on too. I think I could make that in about 3 minutes. There is even a board for necklaces behind that. So many ideas in one photo.
This would be awesome for wall storage if you don't have enough counter space.
How about filling your drawers with vintage tart tins for this cute storage.
This rake is adorable for necklaces. Most of these things I probably have lying around here I just need to be creative.

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