Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Country Living Fair Atlanta

This weekend is the big Country Living Fair in Atlanta. It is by far the best show I have ever gone too. I helped a dear friend in her booth last year and it was crazy busy. It was so much fun. I did not get to shop much though, which was probably a good thing. This year my family is coming to town to visit the fair so I will be shopping instead of working and I can not wait!! Here are some pictures of Revival 356's photo boards and crosses. These are truly a one of kind item. Each board, cross, etc. is made from salvaged vintage wood then layered with vintage fabric and lace and finally rusty wire, hinges, door knobs and crystals are added. Each board is truly a unique work of art. My friend Vikki is the creative genius behind each of these boards.
Aren't they gorgeous, if you go to the fair be sure to look for her it will be a beehive of activity as people fight for their favorite boards. Hope to see you at the fair!

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