Friday, October 5, 2012

Chalk Labels here

I have started to sell these chalk labels in my booth and now my etsy store. I love them they are the handiest items ever. I have started to get rid of all of the plastic in my house and started to store everything in glass.
I love the look and my pantry and refrigerator is starting to look super organized. The labels are even big enough to write expiration dates or directions if I want. The best thing is the jars are what would have gone into the trash or recycling. These are also great to add to mason jars at a party to label your drink. Since the labels are repositionable they can be removed to wash the glass then put right back on or stored on wax paper. They can be put on to the kids mirrors to remind them to brush their teeth....wash their hands...flush.... you understand what I am where I am coming from right? I like to use a chalk marker instead of regular chalk to get that crisp color. It wipes clean easily when you are ready, but doesn't smear like chalk can sometimes do.
They come in different shapes, sizes and quantities. You can see more in my etsy shop!

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