Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Halloween Jewelry Tutorial

I have been busy creating some Halloween Jewelry for my booth. I found these cute glitter skeletons by Jolee at Micheal's.

I thought I would make these into pendants using my Little Windows resin. Here is how I did it (so easy).

1. I used a punch to cut out the background paper for the skeleton to be attached to. I choose a heavy cardstock for this. You should know depending on the paper you choose you may have to coat it with white glue to seal the paper. If not it can turn the paper transparent. If you do not want that effect coat the paper and edges two to three times.
2. Attach a skeleton to each making sure you leave enough room to later drill a hole for hanging.

3. Place each onto the doming tray. This is a special board I got from Little Windows that allows for any overspill to drip down away from the paper and not ruin the piece you are doming.
Mix your resin according to the package directions. There are great videos and info on the Little Windows site if you need help with this.
I poured down the middle and used my stir stick to place the resin into each of the corners making sure all of the pendant surface was well covered. Go slowly with this process you don't want to over pour.

4. I let my pendants sit for about 15 minutes then checked to see if there were any air bubbles in the resin. You can pull them out with you mixing stick if there are any. When finished with that I took a large plastic bowl that I turned over the top of my pieces to protect them from dust while they harden.

5. They were ready about eight hours later. I always just let them sit overnight just to be sure they are hardened. I then took my drill with the tiniest bit I have and drilled a hole into the top of each pendant. I wire wrapped each and put them onto a black leather cord and they are ready to wear.