Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great tip to find your lost cell phone

I have two tips to help you when you have lost your phone. I canceled home phone service long ago. My kids wouldn't answer it because their friends would only call their cell phones. It seemed the only people calling me on the land line were solicitors. So out it went & now it's only cell phones. The problem is when I put it down in the house and am home alone I can't find it sometimes. I just found out if you have a gmail account, there is the option to place a phone call from your gmail. It is a simple download, and you test your microphone to make sure you can be heard and you are in business. Currently, this is a free service, but may change in 2011. Please read the fine print before you do this.

The second tip is when you have your phone on silent and can't find it. My son downloaded an app called "fetch it". If you send your phone the text, "fetch it" it will set off your text alert even when set on silent. I have not tried it, but it could save a lot of frustartion.

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