Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Felted Soap

I wanted to try felting soap after I saw some beautiful soap at Anthropology. It allows you to shower without using a wash cloth or puffy thing. So I started with a plain bar of glycerin soap. Then I wrapped 3 different colors of wool roving tightly around the bar. Once I got it looking the way I wanted, I slipped it into a cut off foot of panty hose ( I knew these were still good for something). I then put a little bit of dish soap and hot water on it then rubbed it vigorously between my hands. You are trying to work and lock the wool fibers together at this point. I rinsed the suds off in the hot water and worked it for just under ten minutes. Once I felt I hand felted it well I slid it out of the hose and put it on my deck rail to dry. It turned out great! I think this would be fun for the kids to do, just make shure they don't rub the soap into their eyes. They will be asking to take a bath! You can find a much better explaination on how to do this on You Tube. Just search for felted soap. Let me know if you try it.
I apologize the photos are out of order, not sure how to rearrange them in blogger. I always forget to do things in reverse order.

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