Thursday, October 30, 2008

Road Trip Treasures

I finally got a chance to take some pictures of some of the treasures I bought while exploring some small towns in Alabama. The first photo is of some of the jewelry I found, the next is of some of the old books I found. One of the antique malls had so many good ones to choose from it was hard to get just 5. One not pictures here is called, The Devil's Curse or Hell's Commerce" it is a book from the days of prohibition. It has some really great art and poems in it. The bottom picture is of the white patent leather go-go boots I found at the Unclaimed Luggage store. When I was paying for them the lady said, "Honey are you sure you can walk in these?" with her sweet southern accent. I assured her no I could not walk in them for sure, but I am sure I can find someone that can. Don't you love them?


mary schweitzer said...

Great finds! Is that a hat? It's fabulous!

Unique Trunk Show said...

Hi Mary,
thanks for stopping by, yes that is a hat covered in velvet flowers. It was only $5. I couldn't resist.