Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My first Amy Howard Paint project!

I found this mirror at my local thrift store. It had a lot of nice details I was hoping to accent in my painting.
I coated it first with a Amy Howard One Step paint in Linen. Then I mixed up some of the Toscana Milk paint in Riviera Blue.
I love the color of this blue, but not on this mirror. It was way brighter than I was thinking it would be.
So back to the store for this color,"A Good Man is Hard to Find." So true Amy, and so is a good gray/black. This color is a keeper!
I recoated the mirror and loved the way it was coming out.
Next I got some gold enamel paint and painted the raised design. Oh yeah I am loving this! I got a bit anxious to finish it off and got the wax out. Learn from me, you need to wait for the enamel paint to thoroughly dry. I wish I could tell you how long that is, but I don't know cause I couldn't wait. Finally it got the "Dust of Ages" treatment. I have to say this is the item that really made a huge difference. It gives your piece instant authenticity. I am now a believer. Here is the final product ready to head over to my booth at Queen of Hearts. I hope someone falls in love with it for their home.

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