Monday, August 27, 2012

I love Savannah GA

I got to spend a little time in Savannah last weekend with my hubby. We had such beautiful weather, it was just wonderful. Here are some pictures I took along the way.
As you may or may not know Savannah is a city with many park squares, each has a monument or beautiful fountain in the center. Each one tells the story or a hero or important person in the history of the state of Georgia. It was really interesting to read each of the historic plaques, but so much to take in my brain.
There is also a beautiful cathederal St. John the Baptist (I think) Here are some of the shots I took there.
And finally some of the beautiful fountains, I could of sat here all day, but I didn't do that. I ended up finding some awesome pieces in a small antique mall. MY husband was so sweet to carry around my old rustic toolbox I bought.

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