Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great Holiday gift idea

This time of year we usually exchange small gifts with our neighbors and friends. They have given us wonderful handmade or baked goodies. I am not a baker so am pressed to come up with something cost and time effective that is also creative. Here is what I have come up with this year. These are so easy to make, and cost under $3.oo each.

Chalkboard Painted Wine bottles

1. First soak off the labels of your wine. I did all of the Merlot in one bunch so later I would not forget which wine was which. These Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck labels came off very easily. I just got the remainder of glue off with a steel wool pad. Then they were ready to be painted.

2. Make sure your bottles are completely clean and dry before painting. I used Valspar Chalkboard paint from Lowes. It was $14.00 for the can, but it will last me for the year with tons of other great projects I have planned. I put two coats on 12 hours apart.

3. Wait for 24 hours before writing on your labels. Then cover your bottle with chalk to prime it. Finally, write your holiday message on from of the bottle and tie on a festive ribbon. I attached a cardstock label to the back with the wine name.

Happy Holiday to all of you I hope you liked this tutorial! These would even make great favors at a wedding with a personalized message from the bride and groom.

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