Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beware this is highly addictive!

You have been warned, what I am about to share with you is highly addictive. You will get in so deep a whole day may pass by, you will be wearing the same clothes you slept in as the sun is setting. Dogs will go unwalked, children not fed and beds unmade but it is sooo fun. I got turned onto this week and I can't stop going back. What is this Pinterest you say? Well it is a virtual pin board of all the photos of things on the internet, on blogs etc that you love that you can pin in one place (not the best explanation) . You can look at other peoples boards or start curating your own. I started by just purusing other peoples boards. Boards with titles like, "Crafty, DIY, Yummy Food, Great Tutorials." Then I decided to become a user myself (notice the word "user" I warned you). I now have a food board, great tutorials, My style, DIY Home and this is just the begining. There are so many talented and sharing people out there in blog land and this is a great way to organize it and revisit at a later date. It took me a couple of visits, but now I am hooked.

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

These are just a couple of items from my boards. Go check it out but be sure everyone is fed before you fall into the black hole!


Angie said...

.....just when I had lots of craftin' plans for the day......Thanks for it!

deb said...

Found your blog by following a link on Little Windows. I found Little Windows by following a Pinterest link. BLACK HOLE! But I too love it!