Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Upcycling with wool

Here is my latest project I have been working on this week. I bought a great book called, "Felt it, Stitch it, Fabulous! by Katheryn Tidwell Bieber. I decided to do a project where wool roving is added to the sweater to make a design. I copied the pattern from the back of the book onto water soluble stabilizer and then pinned it to my sweater. Then I worked on adding in each color using my special felting needle. There are complete directions in the book. Be careful, I put the needle through my finger twice! It went so quickly and easily I couldn't believe the results. After I was finished filling in my design, I rinsed the sweater under the water and the stabilizer immediately dissolved. How cool! What do you think I should do with it now?
There is a great etsy store called FeelinFibers that sells some of the prettiest roving if you are wanting to try it out.

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Dori Ann said...

You did a beautiful job and the book looks like a great book, I'll have to check into that!
Dori Ann