Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spring is near!

Okay maybe not, but it has been unseasonably cold here and I want spring to come early! I have never been this cold in a long time. When I moved south from the midwest I left behind parkas, snow pants etc. In the past week we have had snow twice, that's 2 more times than last year. My kids have been thrilled and improvised sleds out of cookie sheets. I am sure this has the makings of a Jeff Foxworthy You might be a redneck if.... joke. Enough already let's warm it up.

I added a cluster map a while back to my blog to see where people are visiting me from around the world. I am always so thrilled to see the ones outside the United States. I think it is so great what a small world it is that we all love art and really have so much in common than not.
Thanks for stopping by my small part of the world.

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Kim said...

You and me both , girl - I'm freezing too! Unlike you , I love snow , but I really hate wet windy cold!
I started laughing about the cookie sheets though - read that part out loud to the dh!