Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crowns, Crowns, Crowns

I must admit I love crowns. I love them in my art, and have been known to wear a plastic one on my birthday. I was thrilled when I found these crown necklaces the other day. I actually bought several and am offering them for sale here on my blog.

These first pictures are of the three dimensional crown. It is the cutest petit crown. It comes on an 18 inch ball chain that is cut to sparkle too. It sits about 1/2 inch high and is $12.00

This second crown is flat and is about 3/4 inch wide. It comes on a 16 inch ball chain as well. The rhinestones sparkle nicely, a great little piece with jeans and a cute shirt. This necklace is $9.00.
I only have a couple of these so if you are interested please email me at and put crown in the subject line. Now you can have the crown you deserve too!

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