Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saturday Night Art

Here is how I spent my Saturday night. When I was a much younger I remember going out on Saturday night and having a ball, and at the time I thought I will always want to do this it is so much fun. Now I am thrilled to death when I don't have any commitments and get to spend the night in my studio. Yes that is now my idea of a very good time.
I got to make these little polymer clay pumpkins and then I got into making some paper mache heads and boxes for Halloween too. I don't think I have every made so much Halloween stuff, but I love it!


papernclay said...

I love the pumpkin heads!!!

Alphaneenee said...

They are so fun to make, fast! They just start to take on a personality of their own right away. I wish I had some time to make them some bodies too.