Monday, March 20, 2017

Gather sign tutorial

Here are the steps to create this distressed "Gather" sign. We used 12 inch wide pine and cut it to 28 inches long. We wanted it to be big enough to go over a couch or on the wall of the kitchen. First we painted our board with the color that would eventually be our word color. For this sign we used Amy Howard One step Paint in "Good man hard to Find." Love the color and contrast with the surrounding white.
We then took the vinyl cut out of our word and made some marks on the board and the transfer tape to help us figure out where we wanted the word to be placed on the board.
Now we are ready to peal the vinyl cut and transfer tape off of the white backing paper.
We will then match up the lines and put the vinyl onto the wood. We will rub it down very well so that the paint does not leak under the vinyl. Next we will use our top color, white to paint over the whole board including the black vinyl. First paint over the vinyl with a very dry brush. Using a gentle up and down pouncing or stenciling technique will help to keep the paint from being pushed under the vinyl. Cover the whole board until you are happy with the coverage.
When the paint has completely dried you can use a pin to pull up the vinyl and reveal our first gray paint underneath.
Now you can leave your sign as is, or take the sander with fine paper to it and distress it. Love it! I looks a bit old and worn now ( kinda like me.)

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