Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Faux Beams faux Sho!

A friend of mine builds very high end homes. He let us tour one recently and I was totally blown away by the incredible rustic beams throughout the house. "Where did you find those?!" I hammered him. He said they were totally fake and weighed about 14 pounds each for the 13 ft long one! Wow!
Well his source was a builder supply compamy, but he said they have something very similar at Home Depot! These pics I took off of their website. Are they not amazing looking. This totally makes it affordable than the real deal beams. The 5x5x13 beam was $164 on the site and they have to be ordered to the store. Here is a pic of them installed. Amazing arent' they? Anyone interested in trying them? I'd love to see your pics and share them here!

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