Friday, June 18, 2010

Marley & Me the reality show

Wow I have not done a post here since April? I have been so busy that my creative pursuits have been put on hold for a little while. Here is the reason, yep that puppy is something. She requires so much of my undivided attention or things like this happen. Now I do not allow this type of behavior, but she needs convincing and so far nothing is working. Oh did I mention she has eaten 6 socks, destroyed countless clothes, cell phone and shoes. I really don't think I can stand to total up the cost of the destruction in her last six months with us. It safe to say I will not be getting to anything creative any time soon.

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Cstargel said...

I'm still here and checking in! This is good for me to hear. The kids want a puppy so bad and I'm starting to cave. Although I figure I need to get annie potty trained before we get a puppy and your blog has encouraged me to hold off a little longer! Hope you are doing well! Love the EAT letters in case you want to sell! I have the perfect spot! Did I comment that already?