Sunday, January 31, 2010

My great finds at Ballards

I love the Ballard Designs catelog. I can usually find something I want on every page. I am lucky enough to live near 2 Ballard's Backroom stores. This is where the returns, samples etc get sent for final sale. I go through often and don't find one thing because the prices are still way too high for something that is so broken or scratched. Then there are times like yesterday when the finds are plentiful. They have beautiful clocks and there are usually tons of them on racks but the hands are usually mangled. I found this one for $9.99! It is in the cateloge on sale for $129. It works perfectly too!
They also had their Christmas decorations 90% off, surely I could find something. I found several items the best being this Santos tree topper, it was $89.00 in the catelog. Mine has it's two lower arms broken off, but they were in a baggie so I will be performing some minor surgery on it. I love it for $5.00! I also got some adorable button garland and mercury glass votive holders for next to nothing. I love a bargain!

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