Monday, September 28, 2009

Time to say goodbye to a wonderful friend

I have not posted in about a month after promising a tutorial for the dominoes. I am very sorry if any of you have been checking back and looking for the tutorial. I will get it on here, I promise. I got distracted and off track during this last month, but for a good reason. My sweet girl, Maddy, who I just posted the smiling photos of recently became sick during this past month. It started out pretty benign, she didn't seem to care for her food anymore. No problem I got a new bag of something that sounded like it would please her. She was only mildly interested in the new stuff and soon started having diarrhea. After two visits to the vet then an internist vet who did a colonoscopy we found out what the problem was after all. Maddy was diagnosed with high grade lymphoma and was getting progressively worse quickly. We had to say good bye to her this past Saturday. She was truly a member of our family and we are having a hard time not having her with us. She was my constant companion, getting used to this new reality not easy.


Carolyn said...

I'm so sorry about your dog. We have an older golden retriever - 14 years and she is showing signs of old age. Thus we purchased a golden retriever puppy who is now larger than our Whisper. We are in hopes that this will lessen the sadness when it is time to put Whisper down.

It is heart wrenching as we have had pets all of our married life and they definitely become one of us. I know you will miss your dog a lot.

Carolyn S

PS thanks for posting on my blog about my soldering.

Pixie said...

So sorry about your doggy. I know it hurts.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet face! I'm so sorry!!


I popped in to see your dominos and saw this post. I am so sorry you lost your little friend. I have to say that even though a little time has passed I am sure it is still very hard every day. I wish there were some words that could make it better but all I have are words of understanding. Having recently lost my own special friend I just try to keep going by remembering the love we shared, knowing he will always be with me in my memories, my dreams and my heart :)
Hugs to you!

susi said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I too just my best boy 10/30 and its so very strange not to see him anymore. Fortunately, my boy didn't suffer and passed away very quickly. My heart pains for you.