Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lakewood Antique Market

We had a great first weekend at Lakewood. The response from everyone was awesome. The booth looked great and we decided that we will be regulars at the monthly antique show. You can find us in Hall G on the left hand side. We are going to be the "Soul Sisters." We are working on the booth design now, Vikki will have it looking incredible. So come find us on December 17, 18,or 19 we will have a bunch of great new items for sale.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

St Piux Holiday Market

I had a great day at St. Piux X on Saturday. The community really supports this school and they came out in droves to attend the holiday market. I had so many return customers stop by and say hi. It was really fun to chat with everyone. I also had some really awesome people set up near me too. Tiffin Mills has hand made home goods. I bought the cutest apron for her. It is sooo cute and excellent quality. You should check her out at On my other side was Fran of She had the most beautiful and purses, and wallets all handmade from vintage style fabrics. I wanted them all!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adventures in Etching

I bought a bottle of ferric last year after being inspired by Stephanie Lee's book. Then I started to see etching in other articles and my friends were also doing it. It was time to get over my fear and try it. Well I should have reread the instructions first, which of course I didn't. I tried a brass cuff and part of a copper sheet. The copper did not look like anything when it was done because the image I used was not bold enough and not enough ink was used. Here is the brass cuff, later when asking a wonderful friend about my results she told me it had to be flat to etch correctly. Well at least I tried it. I am still very freaked out using the chemical, but I will try again when I have time to do it correctly.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holly Days Market

I am so pleased to be participating at the Holly Days market. It is such a wonderful group of vendors and such a well prepared show. Last night was the first night. I had a great night and had fun talking with all the people who came to shop. My biggest problem was I had a 6ft table. Now that does not sound that small, but it really is tiny. I could not put out all of my necklaces which really bothers me. I try to make each one unique, what if the one under the table is the one they really wanted??? Oh well, I am making the best of it. The cork board was a $2 garage sale find. I painted the frame black then put on some vintage book pages with my Claudine Hellmuth's gel medium. I love the way the pages look in the background. I did get a lot of compliments on my display. One lady even said it looked like I put as much effort into the display as I did the jewelry. I appreciated that because I really did put some thought into the display. If your in the Atlanta area the show is on Friday as well until 1:30 pm. Come by and say, "Hi."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Queen of Hearts Holiday Open House

Thursday night will be the official start of the holiday season at Queen of Hearts Alpharetta. The store will have special displays that incorporate many of the vintage items the dealers are selling their booths. There will also be lots of wonderful food and drinks being served to make the shopping even more pleasurable. If you have not been to Queen of Hearts Alpharetta this is an awesome time to go.